Cheat Sheet For MongoDB Commands

This article is a cheat sheet for MongoDB commands. You will find a list of the most essential and handy commands that you will frequently use here.


As a developer, you will need to frequent reference to MongoDB commands. Most importantly, you will frequently have to perform CRUD and filter operations. This cheat sheet will help you for that purpose and more.

View database currently in usedb
Create a new database use <DB_NAME>
Connect to a database (Same command as before)use <DB_NAME>
Create a new collectiondb.createCollection(‘MY_COLLECTION’)
Insert a record in a collectiondb.<My_Collection>.insertOne({MY_JSON_DATA}
Insert multiple recordsdb.<My_Collection>.insertMany([{MY_JSON_DATA_ARRAY]}
List all items in a collectiondb.<My_Collection>.find()
Filtering a collectiondb.<My_Collection>.find({ FILTER_CRITERIA })
Eg: db.Books.find({“author”:”me”})
Removing items from a collectiondb.<My_Collection>.remove( { FILTER_CRITERIA} )
Eg: db.Books.remove({“author”:”me”}
Updating a documentdb. <My_Collection>.updateOne( { FILTER_CRITERIA} , { $set: {<OLD_VALUE> : <NEW_VALUE>}}
Eg: db.Books.updateOne({id:3, “author” : “me”}, { $set: {“author”:”her”}})

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