Setup Firebase For iOS Project For Google Sign-In

In this post, we will setup Firebase for iOS Project for Google Sign-In functionality. For the previous post on setting up a new project in Firebase, click here.

Steps To Setup Firebase For iOS Project

I. Click on the IOS icon option.

II. After selecting IOS we have to provide IOS bundle name, application nickname which is optional and App Store Id which is optional.

III. For the IOS bundle name, go to your flutter application project –>ios–>Runner.xcodeproj–>project.pbxproj. You will find the bundle name with Product_Bundle_Identifier. Copy the same package name and paste it in the IOS bundle name of Firebase console.

IV. For the nickname you can simply provide any nickname or you can leave it empty.

V. After Registering the app, download the file named “GoogleServices-Info.plist” and click continue.

VI. Now create a pod file if you don’t have it. Now add the following as in picture in pod file and save it. Run the file again.

VII. Add the initialization code for the file in AppDelegate class. Click Next.

VIII. Finally click Continue to Console and you are ready to go.

Finally we have completed setup of Firebase part for Google Sign-In functionality in our Flutter app. Next, we will jump into the coding part here (coming soon).

Click here to go to Coding Section for Google Sign-In implementation.

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