Setup Firebase For Flutter Apps

In this tutorial, we will setup a project in Firebase for Flutter apps. This is the first part of the series where we are building the functionality in Flutter to allow Google Sign-In in our mobile apps.

Introduction To Firebase

Firebase is a fully managed backend infrastructure for developing mobile applications which is backed by Google. Firebase comes with lots of useful features such as:

  1. Authentication,
  2. Realtime Database,
  3. Machine Learning,
  4. Crashlytics,
  5. In-app Notifications,
  6. In-app Event Reporting,
  7. and much more!

Steps To Setup Firebase For Flutter Apps

I. Go to the firebase official website by typing Once we are in the official website, click on Get Started.

II. After clicking, we will enter the console, where we will create the new project by clicking on add project for linking our flutter application.

III. After clicking add project, provide the name for the project and click continue.

IV. After providing the name, next menu appears where you can simply uncheck the “Enable Google Analytics for this Project” and press continue.

V. Your project is ready and you can enter the created project console.

We have now created a project in Firebase which will be used by our Flutter app.

Next, we will setup Firebase for both Android and iOS platforms.


Setup Firebase For Android

Setup Firebase For iOS (coming soon)