Implement Sign In With Google In Flutter apps

In these series of posts, we will learn how to implement sign in with Google in Flutter applications. Since there are lots of things to cover, we have broken down the series into multiple posts.


Most mobile apps need some sort of user authentication mechanism. Since most users have a Google account, sign in with Google is needed almost in all apps.

Google Sign-In with Flutter
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So, this post series covers the fundamental component for any mobile application. We will implement Google Sign-In with the help of Firebase backend.

Article Series For Sign In With Google In Flutter

We will divide the article series into four sections as below:

Intro To Firebase Section

Setup Android Project In Firebase

Setup iOS Project In Firebase

Code Implementation For Google Sign-In

Since you need to have a Firebase project setup for at least one platform, you can not directly jump into coding section.

So, it is best to follow each article step by step. However, if you are only interested in Android or iOS, you can skip one of the sections.