Build Hangman Game In Flutter

In this series of articles, we will start from scratch and build Hangman game in Flutter.

This is going to be an exciting series as we will explore a lot of programming concepts and Flutter widgets here while building this game.

Introduction To Hangman

The game itself is quite popular world wide so it doesn’t need much introduction.

Here are the main rules of the Hangman game:

  • The player is presented with a word to guess represented by dashes.
  • The player guesses one character of the word at a time.
  • If the guess is correct, then the correct letter is shown on the dash.
  • However, if the guess is incorrect, then a part of stick figure is added on the hanging noose.
  • The game is to guess the word correctly before the whole stick figure is completely hanged!
Concept Hangman
Concept Hangman

Why build Hangman game in Flutter?

Hangman being a simple yet an interesting game, it will be a fun experience building it with Flutter.

We can go over couple of different ways to draw objects in Flutter. For drawing the stick figure in Flutter, we can either use a CustomPaint widget or simply use Container transformation.

We will be exploring both options while building the game.

Furthermore we can add some Flutter animations and of course we will make use of State Management as well.

So, building the game, we will get to learn more about Flutter.

We will be taking it further to the next level by integrating Google Admob for reward based ads for hints.

Since the rules of the game are quite simple, building the game in Flutter with minimal tutorial series is achievable.

Stay tuned to follow this series and build Hangman game in Flutter.

HangMan Series Posts

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