In this page we have listed down all the essential programming features of Dart which are necessary to learn before jumping into Flutter development.

Dart Logo
Dart Logo

Why Learn Dart?

Flutter has now become one of the best cross platform mobile app development kit. We can build powerful, high performant, beautiful and highly customizable native mobile apps with Flutter.

Furthermore, it is now also moving towards reaching the web development community. So, one will also be able to build for the mobile, desktop and web with the same code base in the near future with the help of Flutter.

So, it is high time you should start to look into Flutter if you haven’t already.

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Now, to start learning Flutter, it is important that you should have pretty good grasp of the programming language which is under the hood of Flutter framework i.e. Dart.

How Much Dart Should I Know To Learn Flutter?

The answer to this question is obviously, the more the better! 😛 But with that being said, do I have to be an expert on Dart to start out with Flutter? The answer for the second question is “No”.

So, here’s a bare minimum list of features you should be aware of when working with Dart and Flutter.

  • Dart Keywords
  • Dart Data Types
    • Numbers, Strings, DateTime, Bool etc.
    • Dart Collection Types: Lists, Sets And Maps
  • Control Statements
  • Object Oriented Programming in Dart
  • Working With Futures, Streams and Async Operations In Dart
  • Working With JSON Data